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Pixel River Logo - Online Marketing Agency


Logo for very small London based online marketing agency

Brand Name

Pixel River


A natural flowing simple logo. Natural colour(s). Think about what colours that is associated with rivers. The logo must incorporate water. I don't want there to have the words 'Online Marketing Agency' or anything like that. Just the name

I think blues and greens are ok. Reds are not so natural. Think nature. Think when you are walking near a river. What are the colours that you see. Yellow? hmm Not really...

This is some examples of 'pixelated water'

Look at these shades of blue to represent water

This is interesting

This can give you an idea of blue tones.

now this is just to give you an idea on colours and tones. don't just try and mimic. just to give inspiration. below are ones that stood out.

224 not bad. bit dull though
156 I like the pixelated tones. but the river is weird perspective...and font and colour of font boring
175 Pretty cool actually. but colours are all wrong. not so big on brown...
188 This is one of the top ones. But the image is not right. and it looks flat. not quite right.
138 Like 188. but even flatter
221 looks good. no need for pixely bit in the river. try other colours. try another kind of font imagery?
222 looks good. don't like the i. colours ok...but could try other ones. slightly sceptical on yellow. different font imagery?
109/110 Interesting. Need more natural colours. logo pic is great. work more on the font...
92 Ok...not really relevant and colours are not the blue pixel tones between l and r?
82 too miami...bling bling
67 it's pretty. but to fairy like and black and brown are not what i'm after
69 kind of interesting. font no good. pic is somewhat irrelevant. blue perhaps would work.
57 lnteresting...slightly old fashioned though
52 logo good. font no good
51 too grand theft auto though...but looks cool
2 interesting. but terrible colours..

I'll see if any other logos stand out

Thanks for your work so far.

Don't Wants

cluttered. over the top

About Us

Pixel River provides the complete digital marketing package. We help small and medium sized businesses build their business presence on the internet. We strive everyday to make sure our clients succeed because their success is our success.

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November 27, 2012 11:18 AM

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