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My Personal Brand's Logo


Brand Name

Jason Matthew Murphy


I would like it to spell my full name, Jason Matthew Murphy and it must be big, powerful, professional, clean and impressionable.  I almost want it to look Royal if that makes sense?


The tagline I will be using is "Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant" 


I really like the colors of the University of Notre Dame. In fact I really like their logo. If you can someone work that into the equation that would be very cool.


The Murphy's do have a family crest as well.

Here is a link to it .  

Don't Wants

Something graffiti like or grungy. I am an all american looking guy. Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. Go to to look at pictures.


So anything that would not look like something I'd be interested in would be instant thumbs down.


Good luck and thanks for the design work in advance. 


IF your design wins you will be paid promptly. 


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About Us

I am a digital marketing and social media consultant. I am building a web site to start marketing myself as a guest speaker, trainer and contract basis consultant for hire.


My first step is to design a logo that will work well within WordPress. I am working on building the web site and finishing it these next 3-5 days. I would like to have the logo within the first 25-36 hours of this post.



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July 26, 2009 9:28 AM

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