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Logo design wanted for law office


I am a small law firm looking for a logo for the office utilizing my initials, MVP.


The name of the office is Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC. I am looking for a logo with the main focus being "MVP" (all caps) which, if possible, incorporates the Scales of Justice either in the logo, as a separate image, or incorporated into one of the initials. The actual name of the law firm does not need to appear in the logo. The logo will be used on the office's letterhead (which is baronial ivory color) as well as on white paper. It will also be utilized in conjunction with other marketing materials such as emails, flyers, folders to be given to clients as well as the office's website. The logo design should be strong, classic and reflect professionalism. However, creativity is certainly welcomed.

About Us

The law firm specializes in traffic and criminal defense matters.

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October 18, 2012 9:57 AM

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