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Bedford Roofing and Construction


Startup Roofing company logo


Logo design needs to be easily transferable to email, web, text, yard signs, apparel, and business cards.

We need our logo to exhibit strength and solidarity. We want it to symbolize workmanship and longevity. We also need the color scheme to be noticeable on our signs (with the backdrop of all seasons in mind... i.e. dead grass, green grass, etc.), as that is one of our biggest forms of advertising.

Feel free to use "Bedford Roofing" or "Bedford Roofing and Construction" in the design. The shortened version is not a handicap.

Don't Wants

Nothing frilly, dainty, or frail that would imply a fragile product. Aside from that feel free to use your creativity

About Us

Bedford roofing is a startup roofing and construction business in the state of Oklahoma. We offer our construction services for residential and commercial buildings.

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October 17, 2012 11:49 AM

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