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*UPDATED* California Bay Area HYDROPONICS supply store needs new COOL-Stealth Logo!!!


Hydroponic shop in search of new logo - Looking for something different!

Brand Name

Livermore Hydroponics


A logo/insignia that is recognizable by my clients but yet cool/neat/sick to look at by anyone else, those who know will know, those who don't know will want too.

I'd like my new logo to be simple, clean and have a west coast feel.

Looking for something identifiable without text. LH for Livermore Hydroponics is OK to incorporate within the logo but not required.

Don't Wants

The traditional hydroponic store logo - If you Google Hydroponic store Logo Images, this is what I'm NOT looking for.

About Us

Livermore Hydroponics is located in the San Francisco East Bay. We are the local indoor garden experts. We are more likely to be associated with businesses like tattoo and smoke/head shops rather than a garden supply store. Being a young business owner my interest include custom cars, trucks, hot rods, Harley's, tattoos, pin stripping, calligraphy, Favorite Brands include Oakley, No Fear, Ford, Skin Enterprises, SRH clothing (really like their logo) and Hydroponic Gardens!! Favorite logos include - SRH Clothing (Logo without text), Skin Industries, Nike swoosh, Harley Davidson Shield, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, Levi's, Pual Jr Designs, Red Bull, Vic Hubbard Speed and Marine, Superman, Ruger, Bulova, Victory Motorcycles, Apple

Clip Art Allowed


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November 6, 2012 6:48 PM

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