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CrossFit Thrive Logo


Logo for grueling fitness space

Brand Name

CrossFit Thrive



Something that conveys a striving for something. A reaching, if you will. Because of this pushing through, we thrive in life. 



Something that communicates growth, is easily readable, and has a grounded warmth. Oh god help me.




Something that could possibly print (on t-shirts & the like) in one or 2 colors. (or one color & negative space (the shirt color))


The "C" & "F" of CrossFit must be caps if mixed case is used.   


Possible ideas-

Using the "T" to connotate a person?


I'm trying to ride the line between striving for hardcore fitness, and organic growth...shouldn't be too hard, right? ;) 


Don't Wants

Nothing too urban, but also not too "flowery"


I've attached a .jpg with a couple of notes next to what I liked most about my lame sketches already. The 4th & 5th "Thrives" seem to be headed in the right direction.


1. #663300 Like the earthyness of this one (like a chocolate brown)
2. #006600 a nice classic green, not too bright.
3: white for the one color printing

About Us

Starting a new CrossFit affiliate and need a bitchin' logo. CrossFit Thrive will be about becoming not just more physically fit, but "thriving" in all aspects of life.


See the beginnings at "" 

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July 15, 2009 12:51 PM

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