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A Days Pay/One Days Pay-Design a LOGO to Help Change the World!


Concept: A Days Pay or One Days Pay

Brand Name

EITHER "A Days Pay" or "One Days Pay" design off your favourite


We are not yet sure if we will use "A Days Pay" or "One Days Pay" so design the logo with the slogan you like best. The concept is the impact that we could have on bringing clean water to people in developing countries if we just contributed a single days pay, 1/240th or 0.4% of what we earn in a year and that could bring clean water to on average 5-10 people annually! ($20/person for 20 years on clean water) This will need to work well of clothing and marketing material! We want to create a MOVEMENT! All the money will be donated through charity: water who gives 100% to the water projects and also will show our donors where every dollar they gave went to work with GPS coordinates, pictures and video!

Don't Wants

We dont want it to be confusing and want the message and purpose incredibly clear.

About Us

I am paying for this out of pocket like the website, web url, etc. I just know the power of change in the world if we can just tell a catchy simple story of HOPE! That is the purpose of this!

Clip Art Allowed


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October 13, 2012 7:25 PM

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