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Design Brief

Logo Contest


A log for Q Properties LLC.


A design on the Q

Brand Name

Q Properties


The key feature of the logo is the ‘Q’ the words ‘homes’ can go below or inside it. (DON’T LIKE INSIDE IT... - how about beside instead?)

We do not want the ‘home’ to be turned into a picture of a house, but rather the Q to be a letter and ‘home’ a word.

Our previous company Premier’ had the logo in the shape of a P that can be seen at the top of the page of
This ‘P’ was inspired by the ‘sail’ shape of the Burj al Arab, the iconic ‘sail’ shaped building in Dubai, perhaps some ideas can be found if you put ‘burj al arab cartoon’ into Google.

Perhaps the Q could very subtly be blended into the shape of the Burj al Arab or something that gives a feel of the shape of the structure.

The 'Properties LLC' goes at the bottom of the Q

Target Clients
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Aged 25 to 55, Local Arabs and Europeans, Male and Female, Higher Income bracket

The logo should communicate –
quality, experience, integrity

The logo will be used for letterheads, emails, posters and advertising and online media

Colors need to change to Red Black and Green – exactly same as the UAE Flag….

Don't Wants

any other graphics, such as a 'home'. Just the work done on the Q and Properties LLC.

About Us

Newly formed Estate Agent in Dubai

Clip Art Allowed


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September 23, 2012 10:43 AM

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