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Design Brief

Logo Contest


New nationwide real estate and community website


modern real estate site that compares home values to sell homes faster and invoke community interaction

Brand Name



I am looking for a logo to place on the header (header size TBD) of my web site. Please make it large enough so it can scale plus or minus as needed, in Photoshop. I would also expect the .psd file as well as the .jpg, gif or png file.

As far a looks I want something modern, eye catching and real estate related. I'd prefer a warm color scheme or corporate feel as I would intend on using for branding as well.

Please try to incorporate that its a community related site with the intent of selling homes fast by providing real home comparisons to allow users to make informed decisions when selling.

If you want to score points you could also find a way to incorporate a "C" or multiple but ever so vaguely...

I'm open to any type of graphic (please see my do not wants though) but I'd prefer it to be custom made and not something I would see in a template building software or something I can do on my own.

I like colors with gradient (usually gray or white)+the actual color.

Please note:
This site will be massive and get lots of exposure both in the United States and internationally.

Don't Wants

- Images of actual houses/homes that look like you took them with a camera.
- Anything in the color red
- I do not want the logo to incorporate international signage, it should expect everyone knows and speaks english and recognizes english language.
- A background color behind the image and text. I will need something transparent.


1. #597af2 I like blues in general, normally not dark blues though.
2. #f0b11d No Note
3: #3bcf13 No Note

About Us

The gist of the website is selling and buying real estate (all properties including but not limited to homes, apartments, condos, farms, land, etc). However, its much more than that; it also incorporates comparing homes to find real home values, provide school district information, neighborhood information and local business information. Did I mention the site is free to customers?

Clip Art Allowed


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September 22, 2012 7:51 PM

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