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Effortless Pool Service


Looking for logo/imagery to use for business cards, brochures and communications materials

Brand Name

Effortless Pool Service


I want the feel and message to be relaxed, tranquil and water (pool) related, conveying effortlessness. I love the attached JPEG, but its a little too sexy to reach a large "suburban" audience. It conveys the feel I'm looking for though, if it offers any inspiration.

Don't Wants

kitschy or gimmicky Texas, cowboy or predictable
swimming themes
Stay away from the color red

About Us

We are a swimming pool maintenance company that wants to reach a multitude of pool owners in suburban Dallas, with focus on the luxury market. We handle all pool maintenance needs so customers never have to think about it. Effortless Pool Service takes care of every aspect involved in maintaining a perfect pool including repairs.

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October 10, 2012 1:59 PM

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