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Logo for Museum of Game Consoles and Vintage Computers


RetroBude is a collection of vintage computers, pongs and game consoles and needs a logo.

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Over the last years I collected over 300 pongs, game consoles and home computers. I also have a website, but you know what: a logo would be nice :)
So I'd like to place a logo on the website and maybe use this logo for a letter or a business card, or maybe a cup/t-shirt or so.
My whish? Some pictorial/abstract mark alongside with the name of the museum: RetroBude (this is German, the translation would be “retro room”).
Because the collection concentrates on vintage computers and game consoles from the 1970's to 1990's, images and symbols should somehow reflect this “area of computers” in terms of colours and “visual language”. Although the name is “RetroBude”, I use to write “” because the dot symbolized the “evolution” of pixels. (There are also two domain addresses: and So alongside the image I am looking for a word mark which use regular letter spacing for “RetroBude” but also place the “dot” maybe under the “ud” so ppl could understand its also a domain address.
I am uncertain if the writing should be RetroBude or retrobude, or even RETROBUDE; I am somehow open to it -- well, lower case letters had been invented later on small computers anyway :)

Don't Wants

I think a shiny web-2.0-thingy icon is not appropriate for 70's stuff.

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Private collector of vintage computers and consoles.

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September 6, 2012 11:15 AM

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