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Design Brief

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Real Estate Investment Co. Logo


A clean and professional logo design

Brand Name

McDowell Properties


We are looking to move from a dated bulky logo design to one that is very clean and slightly minimalistic. This logo will be used in a corporate environment so it should be professionally simple, yet memorable. The logo should include our entire name. We need to have a professional font please.

Don't Wants

No "play" on real estate (i.e houses, keys, buildings, repair men cartoons, etc.). Our current colors are bright red and a purple-ish/blue color, we do not like how harsh they are against our websites white background. That being said we are open to color, but again professional. If using colors, they should not be pink, purple, baby blue, etc. As mentioned, our current colors are red and blue, please try a different color variation.

About Us

We acquire, reposition, and manage apartment projects across the country.

Clip Art Allowed


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August 27, 2012 2:03 PM

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