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Siberian Husky Logo


A logo for a Siberian Husky breeder/kennel

Brand Name

Boreas Siberians


I want a modern logo for my kennel. The kennel name is Boreas Siberians. Boreas is the greek god of the North Wind. I do not want anything old or traditional looking. I have seen graphics of animals made from "flames" or "water" (I have put links to examples in the comments **keep in mind the image is a big picture, I am only looking for this concept of artwork for the dogs head, not this much of a picture). I have in my mind a Siberian husky head like this, but instead of "flames" it would be "wind" from the breath of Boreas. Behind the dog's head, I would like a watermark or faded head of Boreas as if he is blowing his breath to form the dog. I have attached a watermark picture of an angel as an example. Boreas is know for having purple wings. The color purple is the winning color of ribbons in dog shows, so we would like to show the tip of his wings with his head. I don't care for the old full body greek pictures of Boreas, so I am looking for a modern interpretation. I am looking for this for my website, so I want full color graphics.

**I don't seem to be able to attach more than one graphic, so I have attached a watermark example. The dog as flames example can be found as links in the comment section.

Don't Wants

Old, traditional greek pictures. no cartoons.

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I am a long term computer guy. I show dogs as a hobby. I like modern, NOT old.

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August 26, 2012 11:35 AM

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