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TechArtistry Inc Logo


Our start-up is going to revolutionize live music. We need a slick, cutting edge but professional logo to brand our DJ technology products.

Brand Name



This logo will appear on our hardware products and business cards,etc--but at the same time, we want something you can see on a promotional poster for a deadmau5 or Daft Punk concert

The theme of our products is using technology to enhance the concert experience, and giving artists more freedom to convey their "artistry". In general, the logo should be simple, not too elaborate.

We had some ideas of our own that we mention below (and see uploaded sketches for reference), but please DO NOT feel limited by them. We'll pick the one that looks best to people we show it to, not necessarily the one that looks closest to our own ideas.

For the text, we were thinking...
- "Tech" as more strong, bold; colour: black or white ... should reflect the essence of technology. We were thinking of having this as "equalizer text", if you can make it look good
- "Artistry" more expressive, artistic; colour: neon red/blue/etc

We'd like to have a small graphic element supplementing the text. Simplicity is ideal, an example would be the Beats by Dr Dre graphic logo (the 'b' in the disc)...
- It would ideally incorporate an element of music (equalizer, etc) or live music performance (stage lights, etc)
- Our launch product also involves use of the hand, so something like a hand or glove could work as well

Don't Wants

With the graphics, please stay away from overly DJ-specific graphics (headphones, turn tables) and mics.


1. #050505 -
2. #faf7f7 No Note
3: #f50c0c neon-like red OR blue

About Us

We're in the business of creating cutting edge technology for DJs and other artists that will take their live performances to the next level.

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August 29, 2012 4:55 PM

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