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The Reincarnated Yoga Mat

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Something crisp, clean and inspirational. Evokes a sense of a visionary brand that people are proud to carry. Jewel tones are preferred. I would like an icon that can be embossed on mats or appear on apparel. I aim to build a recognizable brand, so the logo and icon will get a lot of visibility (some of you may be familiar with LuluLemon's ubiquitous icon). It should evoke the meditative quality of yoga, the physical aspects of the fitness yoga practice brings and the exponentially green aspect of using existing materials to "reincarnate" products such as yoga mats and other products useful in the practice of yoga. I will emphasize clever marketing (working with ad agencies as well); for example, on the use of recycled tires, tag lines could include "Drive Your Kharma" or "Khare for Yourself, Khare for Earth: KharmaKhare".

Don't Wants

Anything obvious or hackneyed.

About Us

We are patent pending on technology that will use recycled rubber tires to make exercise (yoga, pilates and other) mats. We are also developing ancillary products that are "reincarnated" or use existing materials. We would like to be exponentially green - not just use existing or sustainable materials, but also solve environmental problems. Recycled rubber tires are used in playgrounds, running tracks and sports fields. It keeps them out of landfills. I have a great deal of pride in the products and what we have been able to achieve. I want our customers to feel that same sense of pride and to have the presence of our logo/brand be a badge of honor for not only being eco-conscious, but also solving problems. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace with that key aspect. For example, the use of natural rubber latex in other mats is a sustainable resource, but it's collection is still invasive to the environment (I've been on those rubber plantations in Thailand and Malaysia) and while it doesn't contribute to environmental woes, it doesn't provide a solution for existing problems.

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August 16, 2012 5:57 AM

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