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Mr. Fran's Cookies, L.L.C.

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Mr. Fran's Cookies, L.L.C.


Mr. Fran’s Cookies are extraordinary in taste and texture. They are made of the very finest ingredients and are truly ultra-gourmet. All cookies are made personally by me, Mr. Fran. I am a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef.

Relative to the logo, I would like to convey the image of a premium product which de facto commands a premium price. Specifically, I would like to see the attached picture of me recreated in a drawing-type image (vs. current photograph)--perhaps, even a caricature (hopefully, flattering!), along with an image of a large chocolate chip cookie (which is the “flagship” of my cookies.) -- again, this can be a caricature. For perspective, a single cookie weighs just under ¼ pound. Highlighting the large chocolate chips with a perfectly baked image is very important; further, the cookies are quick thick (approximately, 1"), so "tilting the image back to bit to show this thick thickness is also important.

The logo on my chef’s jacket is that of Le Cordon Bleu, and, thereby, copyrighted and cannot be used in this logo. Therefore, the final image on my jacket will be the logo created by the chosen designer in this contest.

Relative to the coloring of the logo I like the shade blue used by Le Cordon Bleu and I believe may provide a subliminal message of richness and quality. I am open to other suggestions, however.

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July 27, 2012 12:05 PM

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