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Our game studio creates online role playing games. The studio is called FoxySoft (one word with capital F and capital S). We are looking for a logo that features a fox in some way. The logo should convey playful, cute, sly, and mischievous. Just like you would think a fox would be like. Company colors are Purple and Black.

Don't Wants

We don't want a logo that is too sexy or cheesy in anyway. No mud flap foxy lady type stuff.


1. #4800ff Doesn't have to be exactly this shade of purple but a little on the cool side is best
2. #000000 No Note
3: #cf9604 A third color is not required but if you feel like accenting something, a metallic gold would be nice. Again doesn't have to be this exact shade of gold

About Us

We are a small independent game studio specializing in Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games.

Clip Art Allowed


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July 15, 2012 1:03 PM

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