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you can see my current logo here: I like the typo/font, but it is just too big. I like the fact that KROHN and PHOTO both have 5 letters AND the "O" in the middle that could look like a lens, but was never able to turn that into a great looking logo...

I know I'm offering just a small budget, but I'm hoping for something that thats more individual. so far you have used standard components. Nothing personal, but I need more than just circles and fonts. maybe its just a curved line going through the logo or a freehand drawn camera housing (very simple). here are some more ideas:
or even my initials: here I don't like the name, but the drawing of the cam:
you could also try to use a font for "krohnphoto" and add a handwritten ".com" maybe in a slightly different color to it...

I once "stole" a logo: I really liked the pictogram style and had my name underneath.
'can't wait to see what you can come up with!!

feel free to also try something with
sven krohn fotografie @ new york

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I'm a people photographer. (digital, love to work outdoors and in studios, love to add light with extra flashes, I'm not an old fashion analog photographer)

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July 11, 2012 5:45 AM

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