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Antler Crew Logo


Logo designed for our hunting prostaff team called Antler Crew


We want a logo that will look good on hats, t-shirts, on print as well as a website (multi-use logo). It has to be something that men from 16 to 55 of age would be proud to wear on their hunting clothes, hunting cap, or a truck decal. This is for men and not women and children. We want something that is manly, easy to read, and identified by hunters all over the country from all walks of life. We want something that when people see it they immediately associate deer hunting, outdoors, and being part of the team. We would like the words Antler Crew to be included in the logo. We would like to keep the total color numbers down so that it could be black n white or in color and still show well. Antlers are not necessarily required but we think it would look cool to include them, just make sure they are Whitetail Antlers and not another species. We are looking for something that is edgy/dirty and very cool.

Don't Wants

Even though this is a faith based group, We don't want a cross or religious symbol in the logo unless it is very almost decoyed and not necessarily recognized at first glance. We don't want someone to see this hat and think church. We don't want colors for women even though women hunt too. We don't want elk, moose or non whitetail antlers in the logo, if antlers are included they need to be of the whitetail species and need to reflect large antlers that would be considered a trophy status. We don't want something corny that someone would be embarrassed to wear in public. We don't want any camouflage pattern in the logo design.

About Us

This is for a large team of outdoors men who film their whitetail hunts and want to be a part of a hunting prostaff team that has a mission beyond just hunting. The men who are part of this crew hunt large antlered deer, and want to be apart of thus hunting fraternity group as well. Antler Crew allows men to film be apart of one of the fastest growing hunt teams where guys can feel like they hunt for a team with a purpose. We are a Christian Faith based group but we don't like to be super in your face about it. It is more behind the scenes but is not something we hide from either. Their film footage can/will impact people all over the country.

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July 9, 2012 7:04 AM

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