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Non profit Beagle/hound sanctuary needs logo


loving Beagles/hounds w/a silver walk?

Brand Name

Silverwalk Hounds Dog Sanctuary


something that says a sad dog who comes here will be a happy dog before she leaves. my site tries to show this in the title now. the name of my home/hermitage is Silverwalk, thus the hound sanctuary is Silverwalk - would like to see a silver walk somehow? 

Don't Wants

puppies, glitz/glam/shiny, no cartoons, please

About Us

small, home based dog sanctuary specializing in Beagles,other hounds and senior dogs. NO PUPPIES. live in a pack in/outside my house. licensed, non profit. dogs not adopted live here the rest of their lives. have over an acre for running, digging, play. is Petfinder site.

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May 10, 2009 2:42 PM

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closed over 15 years ago