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Bellyitch Blog Relaunch Contest


Help a popular blogger redesign its website

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To replace the current logo header that is at the site and provide a new logo and design element to incorporate into a new blog design.

1. What type of file would you like?
Can be submitted in jpeg or png. Transparent would be ideal

2. What are the dimensions of the header? (exact width and height)
800 x 200 mega pixels

3. Will you be changing the tagline again? Do you consider the tagline a part of the logo?
There should be no tag line.

4. Do you consider the picture graphics (the pregnant woman silhouette in the first example or the 4 pregnant women in the current header) a part of the logo?
We're not wedded to the existing images on the current or past design.

5. Is there a definite way that you spell bellyitch? It is interesting that the first logo was BELLYitch while the second is BellyItch.

We're not wedded to the way Bellyitch appears in previous designs.

6. You mention that you are doing a massive website redesign....if you have chosen your colors already it might be cool to give the designers entering color parameters so that you have to do less afterwards (
The background will be dark, definitely. Colors incorporated will be red, purple, limegreen and black as in the original.


1. #540a85 Main predominant color
2. #19ab37 Accent color
3: #87992b Accent color

About Us

Bellyitch is an award-winning top ranked pregnancy news, information and celebrity “bump watch” blog, that brings 5 times daily updated news, reviews, info & celeb photos. Founded in 2007, Bellyitch is one of few websites that tracks celebrity bump watch and is dedicated almost exclusively to that fascination and obsession of the public. It receives round-the-clock mostly unique visits from readers from all over the world including the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, India, the Netherlands, Trinidad  & Tobago and Italy, currently amounting to a quarter million monthly.

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June 13, 2012 7:26 PM

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