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Music non-profit for Kids


Music related logo

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Music Based Non-Profit


I am hoping to stick to this guideline but I'm open to new interpretations as well. I would like the logo to be a silhouette of a musician with his back turned to us with a guitar strapped along his back. To the left of him is a kid looking up to him while holding his hand. The kid's face will be seen from the side looking up at the musician while the musician is looking down at him.
Backstage 4 Kidz with the logo and logo can also stand alone.
Tag line: “Inspired by children. Fueled by music.”
Clothing and appearance of characters are open to your imagination.

Darker shaded colors would best match what I envision. Black, gray, red, etc. Feel free to experiment with different colors/shades other than the few I listed.

About Us

The name of the company is called Backstage4Kidz. Its a non-profit orginization for underprivelaged kids to prvoide them with the oppurtunity to meet and interact with their music idol(someone who has inspired them through music.)

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June 10, 2012 5:46 PM

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