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T-Shirt or Clothing Contest


Secure. Digital. Life


Security for humans.


Represent security as it pertains to the individual user somewhat familiar with technology, but wants to learn more about security. Example, they know what USB is and the different types, but may not know how viruses are spread via USB thumb drives.

Design should look great in HD but also pop in smaller formats as the show will be represented on podcast networks in small formats as an icon, typically on a smartphone.

Don't Wants

Locks to represent security are way overdone


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2. #b50000 No Note

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About Us

Are you overwhelmed by all of the “cyber” threats and potential solutions? Learn how to protect yourself and all of your devices from evil hackers, viruses, ransomware, fraud, account hijacking and more! Let us be your guide to security and privacy online. Hosted by the esteemed cast at Security Weekly, we’ll help you understand how attackers are bypassing security and practical ways to protect yourself online. Whether you are a seasoned technology geek, or just had your first experience with a virus on your PC, this podcast is for you. This will be part of the Security Weekly network of podcasts which can be found at

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January 24, 2017 9:26 AM

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