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A simple logo with a graphic and the company name, Luxe Barge. Luxe Barge is intended to appeal to a slightly younger generation (not those in their 70's) than current barges and convey a feeling of hip and modern while still being of the highest quality and paying homage to the history of Europe. I need a graphic with the name of the company (though they need not be intertwined). The graphic should convey luxury while feeling modern yet rustic. It should also be clean and show up easily in both color and black and white. It should be no more than 2 colors - one should be a bold, distinguishing color. It must also easily work on a variety of mediums (embroidery, printed on napkins, etc.). It must also easily incorporate the name of the actual ship so that as the fleet of boats grows, each one can have it's own identity ut be linked to the parent company. The Veuve Cliquot logo is a good example. The color below is just an idea (and it wouldn't show up well on white so is not the best choice). Something resembling a crest may be a good start. Also, google "Tyler Coverlet" images and the lion from that is a family thing. Incorporating that might be nice.

Don't Wants

Any symbols overtly tied to one particular European country. Much of the industry appeals to older generations and has fonts that look cheap or cheesey(e.g. french script) - please stay away from this.

About Us

Luxe Barge is new company that will offer week-long cruises on rivers and canals of Europe. The barge will be a converted freight ship and hold 12 passengers and 6 crew.

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June 3, 2012 7:38 AM

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