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Music artist needs logo


Name is all 1 word "BoyEpic". Pop music genre


A logo that will appeal to both the young male and female demo but leans towards the females. A lot of his fans are age 25 and under. He has a tattoo of an old school broadcast microphone on the inside of his arm. I'd like to see SOME logo's that incorporate that in the logo. I'd also like to see some designs without it.

Don't Wants

Plain simple letter styling. Stars, lightning, or anything that would associate with Rock & Roll or a tough image. Clipart that looks like you copy and pasted it.

About Us

Picture attached is his headshot. The old school microphone is also visible in the picture. Watch the lyric video on youtube to understand the style of music - Visit to see the audience that is interacting with him.

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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May 30, 2012 10:42 AM

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closed over 11 years ago