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IQaps or IQ a.p.s. (stands for Intuitive Quality Asset Protection System) Logo

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sister company is IQware Inc. http:///


Tag line: IQAPS - protecting assets & Guest experiences

Software company launching a new application under a new company name. Looking for something innovative and representing the value of the solution.

Don't Wants

Really open to new ideas!


1. #EBEB00 Any yellow as long as it is not too bright
2. #1E1E1E Black or charcoal

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About Us

IQaps (name of the company and products) is a software used by hotels to managed their assets (everything found in a hotel, rooms, public areas, ...) and ensure their upkeep. this ensures that guests get a better experience wile staying at the property. Also if a guest reports an issues (with the TV let's say) the system tracks the report and ensures staff provide a rapid and efficient solution (repair or replacement). You can find some additional description about the application here (sister company that distributes the software) : The application is both desktop based and mobile based since staff members using it are often out and about!

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May 23, 2012 11:24 AM

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