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Logo that looks high end; clean and clear

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INSIGNIA ...Make Your Mark


INSIGNIA is a foundation designed to offer life-skills training for those who need it the most but can afford it the least. Motto is "make the mark you were created to make." Short version is "make your mark." I want it to look distinguished, like they are getting something usually reserved for executives or wealthy people; elegant but not snooty. Almost cursive script or calligraphy but has to be easy to read. Think "The King's Insignia on an old letter of centuries ago," but readable.

Don't Wants

cheap-looking, sophomoric, hard to read


1. #a61010 We've considered this from nice wine bottles and old movies with King's seals on them, but are not limited.

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About Us

We will be raising money from those who have it, so this can't look schlocky; we'll be offering it to those who need it, so it's gotta look like something to be desired. I've imagined something like the Maker's Mark seal?

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May 15, 2012 2:44 PM

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