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Need a logo for a new mobile app


We are looking for a sleek, sexy, sophisticated design for a mobile app called Awesome Sex Game Generator

Brand Name

Awesome Sex Game Generator



Please submit simple logo designs with NO TEXT for the app button-size of the logo. Maybe just a pair of handcuffs, or a pair of handcuffs and a single feather. Real simple. Make it sophisticated. Keep the logo simple and classy.

The full-screen, larger version of the logo that will pop up full-size on the mobile device screen should still display the full name of the app: AWESOME SEX GAME GENERATOR.

But for the small one - Just image, NO TEXT.

We are looking for a sexy, attention-grabbing, kinky, creative, fun, playful, flirty, clean logo design for a new mobile app called "Awesome Sex Game Generator." The logo design must consist of two parts:

1. A small, "app button"-sized logo that can be immediately read and understood once viewed in the app store or on a smart phone next to all the other app buttons. NO TEXT, JUST AN IMAGE. Sample images to use:

- Handcuffs (must-have, all other images are optional!)
- Feather
- Devil tail
- Sexy lips
- Stiletto heel
- Whip

Avoid hearts since this app is more focused on how to have hotter sex than love (although it's certainly wonderful when the two go together and one can certainly lead to the other!!).

2. In addition to the small button-sized logo, please create a larger logo option (can be identical to the small logo, just a different size and with text reading "AWESOME SEX GAME GENERATOR" which is the full name of the app) that can be displayed full-screen on the mobile device when the app is launched by tapping the small button on someone's phone.

We provide VERY prompt feedback on EVERY entry that is submitted.

Thank you and good luck!!!

Don't Wants

Nothing cheesy, lewd, cluttered, or "cheap-looking."

About Us

We are a new mobile app company specializing in creating unique, creative apps with 100% original content.

Clip Art Allowed


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May 3, 2012 10:15 AM

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