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International Extrusions, Inc.


Corporate logo refresh or replace


Please visit our web site to get an idea of what our brochures look like. The site is more or less an online version of our brochure. Not that we are happy or proud of the site, but the orange color is integral, we use orange and black, and orange and blue a deep blue.

our current logo is at the top of the pages on our web site -

The "int" with the lines representing extrusion process and an "E" and the x combine to form the Intex we are commonly known by in the industry.


1. #f05913 -
2. #1020cf No Note
3: #030101 No Note

About Us

We are a forward thinking, customer oriented company that excels in developing long term relationships with our customers and has been on a strong growth track for the last decade.

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