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Logo Contest


Logo Design for Independant Jewerly Company


Designs and Collectibles - Watches - Bands

Brand Name

MTM Designs and Collectibles


Logo Design.


Name: MTM Designs and Collectibles


Teal, Black< Earth Tones


Open to all ideas. 3 Female Opertation. 

Something soft... open to all creative ideas.

Thank You!

Don't Wants

Nothing too bold i guess... open to alot of creative ideas.


1. #33CCCC Teal
2. #000000 Black
3: #3399FF Earth Tones

About Us

Start up business creating inexpensive watches. Beads on watch bands to match the watch. Stylish watches and also earrings. Family run and designs all custom. 


Clip Art Allowed


Contest Started

April 19, 2009 3:12 PM

Contest Ends

closed over 13 years ago