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Urbane Education Alterations-LOGO NEEDED for Education Consulting Company


A logo that promotes educational change, custom fit improvements from polished individuals


Urbane means smooth, suave, and polished. We specialize in urban education, so it is a play on words. We want a logo that exemplifies strength, perserverance, change, customization, education, development, and reform. We want some that will immediatley be recognizable, modern, clean, and fun. Initially we thought of a strong man lifting an educational institution up. Another idea was a city circled by our name. We are open to all ideas, please don't limit the idea to the few I just suggested. The logo that encompasses our criteria the best, will be chosen. The majority of our website will have a black background, so the logo will need to show up well againt it.

Don't Wants

I don't want anything gaudy, sloppy, or that represents urban education negatively.


1. #20c942 Green, the color of money

No Color Specified

You can try any color combo as long as it is creative, but try to incorporate green. Remember that the background for our website will be black

No Color Specified

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About Us

• Urbane Education Alterations is an executive consulting firm that is lead by two minority males with Doctorate degrees in Executive Leadership. Educationally, both individuals have a solid foundation, which is complimented by years of professional application. • Urbane Education Alterations will work with school districts and agencies to develop reform strategies. We assist agencies and individuals to achieve optimal performance and identify benchmarks that allow stakeholders to measure progress and success over time (allowing for course corrections and continual assessment of what’s working and what’s not). • We develop work plans/operational plans, provide technical assistance, conduct research projects and data analyses, offer workshops and trainings, and provided individual leadership/executive coaching on an as-needed basis. In addition, we provide motivational/inspirational speaking and presenting.

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April 23, 2012 11:23 AM

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