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Title: Logo


Logo for startup web hosting company with tagline "Powerful Websites YOU Control"


I want to convey the message that using this service is quick & easy, yet powerful. Some play on the "Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick" nursery rhyme, while conveying the powerful aspect (flames?) so as to keep it from being childish looking. The inclusion of a down-home country (think Charlotte's Web, not scary) spider web would be a bonus, but not required.

The logo structure needs to be well-suited for a website banner (rectangular), but also needs to be scaleable / cropable such that we can extract the most identifiable portion to make a square favicon & avatar.

Delivery should include the complete color version, a complete greyscale version, clear-background color version, a clear-background greyscale version, and a inverse-greyscale clear-background version (for use on dark backgrounds). Each version must be delivered as both vector art and png.

Don't Wants

The target customer is someone who is out of their comfort zone with web development, so it cannot inadvertently have a scary vibe. As mentioned above, please stay away from being childish looking.


1. #4a4653 Lighter version could be #a9b3bf, or maybe #e0d4cc
2. #eb844b No Note
3: #349ead The colors listed above are taken from the site palette. They do not have to be used in the design, but please choose colors which work with them.

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April 14, 2012 5:24 PM

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