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WNS Logo (Revised Brief)


Walnut Shells Logo (Revised Brief)

Brand Name

Maybe we should add "WNS" "Walnut Shells" "By McKinley Resources" or something like this.


McKinley Resources is a chemical distributor focused on creating a new full multi-item product line from an existing product, walnut shells. This product line will go across a variety of industries from spa, cosmetic, industrial and oilfield. As an example, McKinley Resources is the company (like General Motors). WNS will be the product-line name (like Chevrolet) with item names such as "Blast" (like model name: Corvette). We will later do item logos. This product logo will go on packaging and brochures. This logo should be timeless and flexible enough to apply different colors to it....maybe.
This logo should convey that the products are:
• Strong
• Natural
• Quality
• Consistent
Maybe we should add "WNS" "Walnut Shells" "By McKinley Resources" or "McKinley Resources" "WNS" "Walnutshell" or something like this.
Industry competitors:
See "Innovadex/Personal Care & Cosmetics:
See "In-cosmetics/Exhibitor Directory"
Campo Research
Desert Whale
Earth Oils
Extraits Vegetaux et Derives "LOVE IT!!!!!!!"
Mibelle Biochemistry
Shanghai Oli Enterprises Co. Ltd "LOVE IT!!!!!!!"
Symrise AG
Yixing Xinyu Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Don't Wants

This brand and consequently logo must be applicable across these industry lines without being too feminine or too masculine.

About Us

McKinley Resources, Inc. is a supplier of over-the-counter active ingredients , cosmetic specialty chemicals and flavors. We focus on providing solutions for anti-aging, anti-inflammation, cellular re-generation, anti-glycation, and moisturization with clinical claim substantiation.

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