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Niter Exciter


Logo for an Adventure Race


The Niter Exciter is a fun, social, event in our very small community. Niter is in Idaho, with it's surroundings, being mountains, country settings, and wildlife. Locals are farmers and ranchers. I want the logo to have an outdoor, rustic vibe to it. The design is to identify our event. When someone sees the logo we want them to immediately recognize our event. The logo will be used on a web site, posters, t-shirts and prizes for our 1st ever Adventure Race that will include cycling, running, mountain biking, rifle and shotgun shooting. Even though, The Niter Exciter is new to adventure racing, it has a well known history of being a fun community event and a good time. The logo will be used for years to come, as the Exciter is an annual event. Some of my thoughts have been using just the initials -NX, or NEX. We are open to anything. Think of attending a fun relay event located in a small, rural community and a mountainous valley in Idaho. Now let your creativity run wild.

Don't Wants

Logo to say 1st Adventure Race. The Niter Exciter has been going on for years, just with different events. No cows, horseshoes or western theme or pics.

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April 3, 2012 11:54 AM

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