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Midwest Therapy - logo and business card


logo for website and business card


something simple. The title Midwest Therapy plus a simple design or picture by the words. However, I will also look at other ideas though as you never know!

About Us

This is for a home based pediatric Occupational Therapy company. I provide services for clients birth to 18 (but most of the client base is birth to 10) in their homes. I frequently work with children who have autism and / or sensory processing disorder. My motto is "Therapy Across the Spectrum" so you could also use this idea somehow. Spectrum of Autism, as well as Spectrum of abilities & disabilities, etc. My website is (you may be able to decide color from that, but not necessary to use the same colors as the website as those may change at some point anyway)

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March 29, 2012 7:52 PM

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