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Communication plattform


Logo that can be used also as a button

Brand Name


The Logo should be based on the brand "". Key of the communication plattform behind the brand is its ability to "relate" between different peoples/institutions.
This "relate"-functionality should be expressed in the logo. In addition, the logo (or part of it) should be usable as a button-design: To click "relate to" or "connect to"...
In the logo, the text part should be modifiable - the key text "" should be replacable by "runik id" or "runik hub" or "runik keys" etc. etc.

Don't Wants

complex structure with too many colors - logo should be usable also in a mono-color enviroment.


1. red red as it is used in the swiss flag. "swissness" as an expression of security and trust...

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About Us

As a switzerland based project "trust" and "security" is key for the logo design. (see colors). It should express a long term, trust-based relationship between customers and the company - independent from short term fashion trends... The communication plattform "runik" will appear on many plattforms and the target audience is every person with online access in the world. "keys" and "codes" are important ingredients of this project. (Part of) the logo should also be usable as a label for codes, text entry fields or to label a brand or company.

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March 22, 2012 6:06 AM

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