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Design Brief

Web Page Contest


Tech website logo [Name changed to!]


Simple logo that helps memorize the URL

Brand Name


 Update 3: I decided to change the name of the website to, to compensate for this I increased the contest prize to $150!

The five star rated reviews are the ones that I'm considering, four star-rated logos have potential but aren't quite there yet.



I extended the time limit a bit to give time for some slight alteration requests for some of the 5 star rated logos.

I still have to discuss the logos with friends & family a bit, but I'll get back to you soon with some small requests (like color and other small changes).


A recognizable logo that can be used as the website header as well as for watermarking pictures and diagrams.

The logo should "evolve" from the website address, i.e. The theme of the logo should be the website name, you can highlight the "initials" A and N though. If a graphic or symbol is used it should not be more prominent than the letters.

I'm looking for something clean & serious look, not something flashy.

Preferred colors are blue, black and white.



Here are some links to logo styles that I like

I like the use of unusal fonts, that's something I'd like to see in some designs (it's not a requirement though).

About Us

A PC & tech website that tries new and different approaches for buyers guides and reviews.

The focus is on actually answering the reader's question about what the best buy in his case would be and making him understand why it's the best buy.

The website is targeted at novice PC builders with easy to understand articles teaching the basics but also will include analytical articles for PC enthusiasts. The goal is to lead "newbies" along their way to becoming PC enthusiasts.

It will also contain blogs with short reviews and solutions to common problems that people have.

Clip Art Allowed


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March 5, 2009 8:36 AM

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