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Health Care Management

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A logo for a care management business. We are a division of Careforward where you can see our other logo for that business. We do community health care meaning that we are RNs that go the the home or bedside of people who need support with management their family member's medical care. We go to their home and decide what care they need and use our contacts to provide that care, monitor that care and go with them to their doctors appointments. We do not wear typical nurses uniforms, we go in business attire and assist the families or spouses or mothers or fathers of our clients to arrange for the best care available within their resources. We need rich and distinctive coloring that will let us stand out.

Don't Wants

The people we care for are able to afford our prices out of their funds or trusts for the patient. We deal with higher income families and people. I don't want a logo that is attractive to low income folks.

About Us

I am looking for a logo that could include the tagline "When caring is not enough" with the subtitle "Health Care Management" . I want versions that can be used in advertising and as a branding to our website. We care for people who's families are out of town or unable to management the complexity of the medical "maze" to make sure their loved one gets the best care possible in the enviorment that works for them. We give very individualized care as a leader of the team of other professionals and family members that are working with them.

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March 17, 2012 3:18 PM

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