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Easy Logo Design needed.


No Fooling Around

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Would like something simple. "No FuL N" Would like a line over the u to empasize its pronunciation and a Circle around the N. I uploaded an image to help. Doesn't have to be the exact lettering I used but something catchy. Maybe a symbol or added design to bring the logo out.

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About Us

I am starting a new business. Going to start out selling wrist bands and t-shirts. The No fooling around, is geared for No fooling around when it comes to our kids. Website will be to promote active kids, for health and well-being. Also to help kids less fortunate stricken with disease and poverty. My business is going to be based on a certain amount of money from each purchase will go to a child oriented charity. I will be putting a list of charities together on my website that will allow customers to click on where they would like to see the money go towards.

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February 23, 2012 7:23 AM

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