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Stallion in need of impressive look


2011 futurity champion


Logo for little joe cash-emphasizing Lil Joe because the Cash part of his registered name will not be used alot--he will be known by Lil Joe. This is an up and coming stallion in one of the most difficult western diciplines...reining. You may you tube ljc to see the event he won. I want this horse to be portrayed as a man's horse--the most desired stallion out there--kind of like a John Kennedy Jr. idea--but promoting a horse. I like masculine get the idea...this is a western horse--but I don't want an old time western theme--more hip, slick and up to date--I need something that is identifiable immediately. Including the shape of the state of Texas would be acceptable--but this has to be strong--we will be asking a premium for his breedings and everything done needs to reflect quality, logevity, stature for breeding
the best horses in the business. I am looking for something that someone would think is really sharp to wear--on a hat--jacket--etc. #1 Would Warren Beaty wear any of these logos walking out to ride his $100,000 dollar horse? Lil Joe is being marketing the upper end of the public--the top 5% earners in US--they demand the best--simple can be more..but it has to look slick not coarse. You may see Lil Joe on you tube--enter Lil Joe Cash--enjoy ! ******Please**** Do not take my comments in a negative light--I am trying to be direct to save you time and create a better understanding of the desired look.

Don't Wants

Wild colors--lime green pink..etc.
Trendy look--trying to find a theme to carry several years.

About Us

Starting to market the futurity champion for the 2013 breeding season--starting to strategize on ad copy and themes for the horse. Perception is reality--and this horse has it all.

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February 22, 2012 7:15 AM

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