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Company name is A3 Freight Payment. Open to all design ideas. Looking for the following characteristics:
1. Simple
2. Professional
3. Limited to three colors max
4. Has to transfer to all media well - shirts, business cards, website, etc
5. Prefer to stay with standard colors to reduce cost
6. Memorable
7. Vector graphic
8. IMPORTANT – logo must include entire company name “A3 Freight Payment”
As we don't have a color preference it would be helpful to see designs in multiple color schemes.

Don't Wants

Anything "cartoonish"
No neon colors - safety yellow, hunter orange, etc.

About Us

Freight payment is a niche industry and involves data capture, auditing, payment, and data reporting of transportation invoices. Target market is Fortune 1000 companies. Company strengths include high levels of customer service, experience, and a superior process.

Clip Art Allowed


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February 12, 2012 6:57 PM

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