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"Ready, Set, Wear It!"


It sounds cool, how is it supposed to look?

Brand Name

Ready, Set, Wear It!


We are Changing from Ready, Set, Inflate! to Ready, Set, Wear It! We'd prefer a completely new logo. Feel free to throw in some new graphical ideas that will help move us forward in the design process. You can see our current logo and design

Text: Ready, Set, Wear It!

Graphics: Some sort of life jacket integration

Colors: We are open, but would like something that is eye-catching.

Don't Wants

Real photos or cartoony look.

About Us

"Ready, Set, Wear It!" is an international kick-off event (we try to set the world record for the most life jackets inflated/worn in a single day) for National Safe Boating Week, adminstered by the North American Safe Boating Campaign ("Wear It!") The campaign is a major component of our non-profit organization, the National Safe Boating Council.

Clip Art Allowed


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February 8, 2012 12:42 PM

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