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Electrical Contractor in need of a Logo


Simple, effective, bold design to be used on all letterhead, business cards, clothing, and vehicles.

Brand Name

Brothers Electric


The name of our complany is Brothers Electric. We are looking for a logo design that will be used on all letterhead, business cards, clothing, vehicles. We want something that utilizes a bolt font, but not necessarily block letters. We want to stay away from a script type of font. We are looking for a one colour, simple design, reason being we want it to translate well on everything, with the potential to be on a varity of coloured backgrounds. For example, white paper, grey t shirts and sweaters, black truck. We want the design to carry through consistantly on everything.
We do not want any pictures or clip art. We are aware this may make the design plain, however, we feel if the design of our name is strong enough, there is no need for an image or picture. However, we are not opposed to some type of border/underline imagery.

I appreciate the more we provide in this section the easier it is for you to provide us what we "think" we want, however, we are open to things. Please, using this information, provide us with what you think will work, and we will be very good about feedback. We are in the hopes this will not only give you some artistic freedom, but it will give us something other than what we "think" we want.

Don't Wants

Script Font
Multiple colors
clipart or picture
other: please see "I want"


1. Any.... Originally we indicated a blue color, but we, at this point ate open to any color. As long as it is a single color.

No Color Specified

No Note

No Color Specified

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About Us

We are an electrical contracting complany. Very small right now, but hoping to grow...with the help of this logo.

Clip Art Allowed


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January 31, 2012 3:30 PM

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