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Easy 203K


We are processing 203K loans, so we are looking for a simple, cool design that emphasizes the "203K". 203K loans are our business, and we are making this process easy for the users, so the "Easy" can be relaxed, fun, etc. We are looking for for something visually easy to read with an image of a house, perhaps being repaired.

Don't Wants

Flashy, busy.


1. #FF794D perhaps oranges, yellows (construction colors)
2. #339933 greens
3: #8F8F8F grays, black

About Us

Our software assists homeowners in qualifying for 203K loans to purchase/rehabilitate homes. Users enter needed repairs and generate loan forms for lenders, and a construction cost breakdown for contractors. Homeowners and HUD 203K consultants are the users.

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January 27, 2012 2:07 PM

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