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Logo for Mobile App


We are looking for a cool, hip, clean and simple design for a mobile app called iTalkFast

Brand Name



We encourage the designer to be creative.

The one idea to work about is this.

- The word "Fast" in iTalkFast should resemble a fast forward button on media player. It sort of looks like >>|

Don't Wants

Nothing that is too complicated. It needs to be simple and people immediately get the idea from a glance; hence "Fast" part in iTalkFast (couldn't resist that last part)

About Us

We are an upcoming mobile apps development company that has a platform and tribe in another area all together. However we have taken a survey and found that our audience would be very interested in the iTalkFast mobile app.

Clip Art Allowed


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January 13, 2012 9:28 AM

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closed over 11 years ago