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Fishing Tackle Logo


Logo for a fishing tackle wholesale distributor.

Brand Name

EP Sales Tackle Distributor, LLC


a logo that would be appropriate for a saltwater fishing and crabbing distributor. The logo will be used for letterhead, catalog, website, etc. I want the words EP Sales to be most prominent. The words Tackle Distributor, a fish hook, and/or a fish may or may not be included. Please make the logo classy, subtle, and appealing to saltwater sportsmen.

Don't Wants

anything too loud.


1. #4e5a96 -
2. #63636e No Note

No Color Specified

No Note

About Us

EP Sales is a full service tackle distributor that supplies tackle shops from NY to VA with fishing and crabbing supplies. We are a small company that has been around for many years with no true logo.

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January 11, 2012 7:39 PM

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