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Personal Training Logo


Stick Figure Dead lifting with a fabulous Booty and the name of the company "Your Best Booty"!


I would like a very simplistic design, crisp and clear, easy on the eyes yet very catchy, to use as a logo -- black or deep purple stick figure doing a dead lift with a barbell with weights (probably a side view) with a pronounced booty - and the name of the company somehow embedded with the stick figure. The name of the company is "Your Best Booty" - without the quotation marks. Although a stick figure, I would like the design to have a softness and sex appeal about it.

Don't Wants

I train women only so I don't want the design to be geared to attract men.


1. #0a0000 a crisp black
2. #9e0ef2 a purple that is bright, yet dark enough to show up well on white
3: #2105f7 a crisp bright blue that denoted a softness and shows up well on white

About Us

I am a private personal trainer. I work in a private training gym and my focus is women, mainly training for personal satisfaction and lifestyle - as opposed to athletic training for specific sports and/or bodybuilding. We focus on nutrition and overall lifestyle, incorporating cardio/slimming/toning and the mind/body connection.

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January 10, 2012 3:15 PM

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