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The look and feel of our logo should be a combination of Zen, bold and understated elegance. We like our current logo but know that it can be refined and polished to better reflect our image (it can be seen at - site under construction). We want to retain some distinctive graphic around the letter B. We would like the new / refined logo to convey more action or motion than the current version. You may tweak and make minor revisions to our current design or submit entirely new designs. Colors should remain a combination of multiple purples, lime green, pink, gray and black.


See attachment for more details.

Don't Wants

Design should not be overly complex or contain too many elements.


1. #660099 -
2. #99FF00 No Note
3: #606060 Feel free to get really creative with shapes, patterns and color combinations (within the colors listed in attachment).

About Us

We distribute greeting cards and t-shirts. We are looking to polish and refine our current logo. Our brand character is fun-loving and daring with very modern style.

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December 12, 2008 1:47 PM

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