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MyWyr Logo for online counseling business


MyWyr - "Meeting You Where You Are" - Seeking a logo that is professional,cutting-edge, sharp & clean

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This logo will be used on my website, letterhead, business cards, T-Shirts, binders/folders/educational materials, etc. It needs to communicate High-Quality, Cutting Edge, Strong/Trustworthy, but NOT boring and NOT industrial. I want Edgy and cool elements that are unisex, that create a lot of depth in the logo and are clean.
Tip about me: I tend to be drawn to dark gray or dark silver in most of my style, I assume I would like these used to contrast against or intermingled with blue/green. If you deviate from these colors, then choose colors that are soothing - no pastels please.

Don't Wants

While this is a Counseling business, I do not want soft, serine, fluffy images that are cheesy (such as ripple rings in water, leaf on a river, or pebble on the sand, etc) These are over-used and more feminine. I need to appeal to both men & women. No pastels.


1. #053cf2 Primary Color
2. #8f8b8b I love metallic, dark gray, or black highlight that are sharp & crisp
3: #09ed51 Highlight Shade

About Us

I am a Professional Counselor, starting a new web-based business that is designed to bring high-quality urban resources to rural areas, or people wanting to avoid commutes & waiting rooms. In addition to individual/group/marital services, fitness/nutrition, life coaching, basic finance, etc to increase progress will all be offered only through HD Video Conferencing via the internet. This is a pioneer concept in my field!

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November 24, 2011 9:52 AM

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