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PageDiz is looking for a new logo

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to convey a message of fun, innovation, creativity and proffesional design. The logo must contain the bran name "PageDiz" and may include limited graphics. we deliver designed content and that should be the overall feeling for the logo. the design should be simple.
The logo should match the design of our web-site at
I will need a PSD with layers when finally done.

Don't Wants

too much graphics. no more then 4 colors. please use the back image I uploaded as the background for the logo - no other background color will do.


1. #4564a5 our site is mostly blue like that and white
2. #5d80c7 appears on our site
3: #fec032 appears on our site quite a lot.

About Us

PageDiz is a self-service Designed Facebook Fanpage content management system. It allows any facebook user to create and edit designed content that is displayed within any Fanpage. Visit our site to see the current design:

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November 21, 2011 7:53 AM

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